Thursday, April 28, 2016

Marilyn Sherman - Top 10 Motivational Speaker!


Who is Marilyn Sherman, CSP?

Front-Row Leadership Expert and Professional Speaker and Trainer, Marilyn Sherman, was voted as one of the Top 10 Motivational Speakers*. Fun, relatable and practical, Marilyn delivers home-run presentations time after time. Her delivery is humorous, engaging and high-energy. If you are looking to boost the morale of your employees, inspire your leadership team, or make sure you accomplish every goal set for your team this year - Marilyn has a must-hear message for your organization.

What do clients say about her?

“Your talk was inspiring to all of us and we truly learned and relearned some key insights from you”.
- President & COO of Coca-Cola

"I have had the pleasure to work with Marilyn over the years and have found her to be one of the most professional and engaging presenters around. Her topics are positioned for the audience and she always provides a dynamic experience for all. I especially enjoy the way she intertwines appropriate stories into her talks so that the audience relates to the topics deeper. Marilyn has presented at many SFM events during my time at the organization and all of them have scored high marks on post conference surveys. Marilyn is a great person and a great addition to the speaking world." - Senior Manager of Global Employee Services, Microsoft​​

"You were the best speaker ever. I may be older than you, but that means I've seen a lot of speakers. Marilyn Sherman encouraged everyone and really was the best speaker ever. She is fantastic!" - Purdue University, Dining Services​​


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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Insider Lessons lLearned from Enron Collapse

Posted by Marilyn | Posted in Success | Posted on 25-04-2016
When I met her last week, she was everything I like in a keynote speaker: smart, vulnerable, approachable, and willing to share her successes and failures. She said she couldn’t get a corporate job after the Enron collapse. She would be close to a deal and someone would shut the door. So, now she is a professional speaker, and traveling the world inspiring people to do the right thing.
Sherron Watkins delivered a powerful keynote presentation about doing the right thing. She became known as one of the whistleblowers who graced the cover of Time Magazine as one of the Persons of the Year for 2002.
The most intriguing part of her story for me was how important it is to have the courage to speak up. She saw fraud in her company, and she spoke up. Her boss ignored her, and then those memos went public. Equally intriguing was her response when someone asked her if she would have done anything different knowing what she knows now. She said she would gather a team who also saw the fraud and approach her boss collectively. She said “Ken Lay ignored me. But, if I were to have a team around me to produce the evidence of fraud in our company, it would have been harder for him to ignore the facts.”
Be courageous. Speak up. And, look around and see who you could team up with when appropriate. Chances are, you won’t go through the collapse of a $64 billion dollar company, but you may be faced with a decision to courageously speak up, or keep things to yourself. If that’s the case, will you be courageous? Who is on your team? Who is in your corner?
From your happy-to-know-people-who-have-my-back motivational speaker, Marilyn Sherman