Thursday, December 19, 2013

Who is On Your "To-Who" List?

By Gary Bradt

Most of us get up each day and ask ourselves a simple question: “What do I need to do today?” Then, we spend most of our day knocking out our “To-Do” list. That’s not a bad thing, and if that describes you, keep at it.

But there is another question, too often ignored, that we should ask every day as well: “Whom do I need to spend time with today?”

Relationships are the foundation of everything we do. The stronger our relationships with clients, customers, family and friends, the better our results at work and home. And yet, we can spend so much time doing things, we never get around to being with those most important to us, professionally and personally.

Therefore, let me introduce you to the concept of the “To-Who” list. It’s your answer to my second question: “Whom do I need to spend time with today?” Your answers may vary:
  • It might be the staff member struggling with performance
  • Maybe it’s a best friend who just lost a loved one
  • Perhaps it’s a client who has stopped buying
  • A boss who controls your career
  • Your spouse or significant other
  • Yourself
Whoever it is, write down their name and commit to connecting with them that day. Write them a note, give them a call, drop by their cubicle or take them to lunch.  If they are not available to connect with that day, schedule time with them now to get together in the future.

By creating not only a “To-Do” list but also a “To-Who” list everyday, you will make sure those relationships so vital to success and happiness remain strong and stable.

So, who is on your “To-Who” list?