Thursday, February 28, 2013

Michael Hoffman | Wrestled a table saw update!

Tentative surgery is scheduled for Friday, February 28th.
We love you Michael!!

Friday, February 22, 2013

Great Customer Experiences Aren't Just Strategy

There's no doubt the term "customer experience" has been a hot topic in business for quite a while, and it's one of the most sought-after topics by those hiring speakers for company events. And after having customer-experience expert Gregg Lederman on our roster of speakers, I've realized how the transformation of becoming one of those companies who are doing it right (think Zappos, Southwest Airlines, Trader Joe's) involves a strategic, and sometimes multi-year process. If you aren't measuring and assessing the right things in the right way, improving culture can be difficult.   

But creating great, or as Gregg says "above and beyond," experiences for your customers also means layering the strategic with a little bit of the warm, fuzzy stuff. Anyone who shops at Trader Joe's knows they don't stop at "Hi, can I help you?" when you walk in the door. They truly want you to have a unique and memorable experience with them from the minute you walk in the door, and they go out of their way to make it happen. Even if you just stop in for some "two-buck Chuck" before your party, you'll leave having had a cheery conversation with your checker about wine, your dog, and you may even end up inviting him or her to your party (not that I ever did that).

Can't remember the last time you had one of these "above and beyond" (aka warm and fuzzy) customer experiences yourself? This post about Trader Joe's might jog your memory...

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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Quick Tip from Michael Hoffman

want a SNEAK PEAK on how to be a person of situational influence?
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watch the Hoffington Post video-clip below for a tool to implement today
:: start influencing now ::

Michael Hoffman | Situational Influence
Michael teaches audiences how to be a "person of situational influence.” He will address issues that your organization may be struggling with. He will provide tools & processes that will allow a better culture to be created internally, enhancing skill-sets, and giving each individual the knowledge to be a person of influence. This will allow companies to shine externally as well - delivering a better service, product or experience. This allows everyone: your employees, your leaders, and your organization to become #1 on purpose!

Michael's programs are high-content, but he delivers his message in a very dynamic and humorous style, allowing his audience to retain his message and gain more from his presentation. Michael provides hands-on tools and tactics that can be implemented immediately to get results! For more information on how Michael Hoffman can help you and others in your organization become a person of situational influence, contact Sarah at
913.498.9775 or To read Michael's program descriptions, watch demo videos or read some past client testimonials, go to:

Monday, February 11, 2013

Where is That Record? Finding Public Records Online

by Sam Richter

Unfortunately there is no public records meta-search that is free and complete, meaning that you need to search for public records by the specific government entity and geography. Fortunately Black Book Online has a well-organized public records directory. The site features links to just about every available public records search resource.
Blackbook Online Public Records Selection Screen
When you first access the site, you will be tempted to type a name into the main search form. Don’t, because it won’t work. What the main search engine does is let you know the website where a particular public record might be located. So, for example, you can enter ‘driving records Ohio’ (do not use Boolean) into the search form and the results list will include third-party websites where you can access your information.

You’ll notice on the results page that each result contains a brief site description. It will also indicate whether the information is free or if you’ll have to pay for access. As a directory engine, Black Book Online features lists of links to its extensive resource database. You can choose by category or by state. You can also build your own custom search by clicking on the “Custom Search” link in the category section.

Blackbook Online Public Records Search ResultBlack Book Online makes it easy to find a website where a public record might be located. However, once you access the site, finding the information you want might be more challenging. For example, if you want court records in Minnesota, you can use Black Book Online to easily find the various Minnesota court websites. However, navigating each site can be difficult as they are all different in the way they provide access to information.

Before diving into Black Book Online, make sure you have some time. The site can be addicting, and scary, when you realize what is publicly available on you and others. Public records are now a click away, now that you Know More!

Monday, February 4, 2013

Bill Ringle Radio Show | Michael Hoffman Interview: Become #1 on Purpose!

On a recent episode of Bill Ringle Radio, business growth strategist, author and CEO coach, Michael Hoffman, was interviewed. Michael is a professional dynamic speaker - teaching organizations how to become #1 on purpose! Michael provides relevant examples on how to provide the best customer experience, proven leadership advice, and growth-strategy sales tips. Michael's insights can be implemented immediately to grow your client & customer base, improve your bottom-line, and use your resources, talents & skill sets to increase and enhance performance within your organization

Listen to this interview to learn:

- How the careful choice of language creates mental hooks that carry learning forward
- The benefits of living "on purpose"
- The bank case study that highlights the importance of simple actions that help your team connect with customers 


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Sam Richter - Had his audience at the edge of their seats!

"Sam [Richter] was an outstanding speaker! He kept our audience on the edge of their seats waiting to hear what was next. By the time Sam was finished we had laughed, been surprised, and were well educated! The reviews and ratings we received from our members were some of the highest we have seen. I would highly recommend Sam and hope to have the opportunity to hear him speak again!"

- Event Planner | North Central Business Travel Association


Want Sam Richter to share his tips & tools to your group? To learn more, check out Sam's website: To hear more about Sam's customized presentations, check his availability or fees - contact Charlotte at Standard Ovation: or 913.498.9774 or you can contact us through the web. Thank you!