Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Marilyn Sherman | Want to connect with your audience? Stand out then fit in

Saturday, April 25, 2013
Blog Post from Marilyn Sherman
Want to connect with your audience? Stand out then fit in

This morning when I got to the office, I checked my email like I normally do... but today I had a note from a client that put a smile on my face. The message was from a client who booked motivational speaker, Marilyn Sherman, for her association meeting this Fall. The client discovered Marilyn when she heard her speak at a meeting she attended last year.

Marilyn with a client at the WFF Conference | April 2013

I [Marilyn Sherman] just got back from one of my favorite conferences of the year. It's a conference of professional women – around 2600 of them, and it's non-stop fun for me as a motivational speaker. First off, let me say how grateful I am that this was the 9th year in a row that I've presented to this group. So, just for that reason, it's one of my favorite conferences. Now, people ask me why they keep inviting me back. I hope it's because I offer value presented in a way that connects with my audience. Then, I began to wonder what I do with this conference that maybe I could duplicate with other audiences as well. The feedback I kept getting from board members and long term attendees was how well I connected with my audience.  I thought about it and wanted to share the things I did and maybe you could do too.
1. Show up early
If it's at all possible, I attend the whole conference so I can hear what's going on and use some of the insights in my presentation. Some people even commented that the quotes from the main stage were put into my PowerPoint as a way to tie in what they heard from the keynote into my breakout session.
2. Set the tone
When people come to my session, they know they are in for a treat. I have jammin music playing and I'm walking around shaking hands and thanking them for coming to my session. I know some speakers just wait back stage or wait for the introducer to introduce them, but not me. I tell the introducer that I'm meeting my peeps so don't wait for me to start the intro. When it's time, I'll get back to the front - but I want to greet as many people as possible.
3. Thank them
There is usually waiting list to get into my session so I go out and thank them for their patience and re-assure them that we're doing everything possible to get them into the room.
4. Participate!
I know this isn't possible for all events, but I like to attend a participate in as many events as possible. Even though my session wasn't until 4:00pm, I was presentation ready by 8:00am to see the opening general session. This works for me on so many levels – re-connecting with past attendees, getting to know new board members, solidifying relationships, while hearing what everyone else is hearing from main-stage speakers. This paid off in a more direct way this past week. A senior vice president of a company greeted me with 'I want to buy you!'.  Confused and flattered at the same time, I had to ask what he meant. He was having a reception with all of his employees that were attending the conference and he wanted to buy my coaching services and give it away to one lucky winner at this reception! Brilliant idea! I'm not sure he would have gone out of his way to find me to ask me if this was possible had I not been in that general session. As it turns out, I texted my manager who put together a nice certificate for the winner stating what she won and emailed it directly to Kinkos Fed-Ex that was in the hotel. I had them print it, laminate it and at lunch, I presented him with a beautiful piece that he could hand over to the winner that night.  
4. Stand out then fit in
I know, this sounds like a contradiction. But when I am networking and attending sessions I wear very bright colors so that I stand out in a crowd. This can be hard when you are mingling with 2600 professional women! I chose bright green, blue and white which stood out in a sea of black and grey suits. Then, on the final night, I wore the conference T-shirt that everyone got when they arrived. At this point, my session is over and I'm hanging out with everyone – so now I want to portray the fact that I am one of them. Not everyone chose to wear their conference T at the party, but I noticed all the board members did.  
I guess the point of my blog is if you want to engage with your audience and your client, then be engaged in the event. Of course, knock it out of the park with your presentation, then add these extra touches and pay attention to what works for you.
- written by professional motivational speaker, Marilyn Sherman | April 25, 2013


Want Marilyn Sherman to have the same effect to your group? To learn more, check out Marilyn's website: www.marilynsherman.com. To hear more about Marilyn's customized presentations, check her availability or fees - contact Sarah at Standard Ovation: sarah@thestandardovation.com or 913.498.9775 or you can contact us through the web. Thank you!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

A leader's guide to creating a customer-centric culture and Achieving Brand Integrity®

Imagine Becoming a Great Company

Good companies recognize the importance of having clear values.  Good companies recognize the importance communicating those values to employees.  Good companies recognize they have to dedicate time, money and resources to build a successful culture and do so in a variety of ways:
  • Employee Satisfaction Surveys
  • Rewards programs
  • Performance evaluation systems
  • Pizza
  • Thanksgiving Turkeys
  • Etc.
Ultimately, good companies are good because they are mindful of the importance of an engaged workforce and are striving to make sure they deliver.  The problem is good companies are just good; just good because for all of their effort, they struggle to measure this amorphous thing called culture.  Therefore, they cannot manage it and don’t really know if all of their effort and expense is actually making a difference.

Great companies recognize culture eats strategy for breakfast and is the most important differentiator they have.  Great companies get entire workforces to share a common mindset.  Great companies are aligned and engaged around the behaviors that are necessary to make branded experiences come to life.  Great companies recognize employees based on those behaviors and don’t need the traditional and potentially counterproductive rewards programs.  Great companies have managers who truly understand that it’s their job to manage the Branded Experience.  Great companies have systems and tools in place that enable Managers to measure their efforts.

Imagine becoming a great company.  Imagine your company was able to measure and manage the Branded Experience with Engaged employees who Live the Brand and Create Customers for Life.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Your Keeping in Touch (K.I.T.), April 18/13 — Take Your Best Shot

 by Kit Grant

“The man who does things makes many mistakes but he never makes the biggest mistake of all — doing nothing.”  … Benjamin Franklin

Too many people have learned that making mistakes is a bad thing and so they stop attempting anything new at all. They complain about others who are successful believing that they have somehow been robbed of those opportunities. In reality, you are usually the only one holding you back from having new successes. Of course, any time you venture outside the safe “do-nothing” zone, the chance of failure will exist. I recall a wall poster I saw in a small country store with the phrase, “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take”. This is true not only in sports but in life as well. Don’t let other people or some fear of failure keep you from growing. There is no shortage of opportunities, just people who either no longer see them or are unwilling to take action. People usually deserve the results they get.

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After the past week with more than 20 cms of new snow, the 2013 golf season has been postponed probably by about 10 days. It’s supposed to be getting much warmer by next week but it’s always a stretch to even get 6 months of golf here. I am ready — the weather now needs to co-operate. Winter be gone please!!


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Monday, April 8, 2013

Sam Richter | NEW 10th edition Take the Cold book now out!

Written by: Sam Richter, author of Take the Cold Out of Cold Calling, professional speaker, and world’s online intelligence expert.

I am really excited to share some news with you...

The updated 10th edition of the award-winning Take the Cold Out of Cold Calling--named the 2012 Sales Book of the Year--is now out. 

Order the new edition today and receive complimentary shipping and other bonuses.
As you know, any time you send an email, pick up the phone, or attend a business meeting and you have not done your homework, you're winging it--you're make a COLD call. The latest book edition features new methods for using Google, social networks including LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook, and “Invisible Web” search techniques for finding the inside information on companies, industries and people so you can always make relevant, personal, and valuable WARM calls.

You can find Edition 10 at www.takethecold.com in both soft copy and as a e-version PDF.
A number of people have asked me if they should upgrade from an earlier edition.
  • About 25% of the material in Edition 10 is new from Edition 9.
  • I've added new examples and ideas on the value of information, and statistics proving how sales intelligence can improve your sales close ratios.
  • If you have Edition 8 or earlier, you should definitely considering purchasing the new edition as so many of the sites and techniques I highlight have changed.
You may also be interested in the Know More! Video Series which includes a copy of the new book. You can learn more at www.samrichter.com/kmvideo.

Please take a look at the book reviews to see how Take the Cold has helped tens-of-thousands of sales people and business executives find highly qualified leads, connect with prospects in relevant ways, and provide meaningful value to existing clients. 

Please let me know if you have any questions, and I look forward to helping you grow your business and making every sales call and business meeting a WARM one. 

Sam www.samrichter.com

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Hearts touched by Marilyn Sherman

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

This morning when I got to the office, I checked my email like I normally do... but today I had a note from a client that put a smile on my face. The message was from a client who booked motivational speaker, Marilyn Sherman, for her association meeting this Fall. The client discovered Marilyn when she heard her speak at a meeting she attended last year. When you get something like this - it's almost a shame not to share. This is about the amazing, inspiring, and life-touching, Miss Marilyn Sherman:

"Thanks Sarah. I wish I could concisely put into words how Marilyn touched me when I heard her present in Portland, OR last year at the Conference I attended. Not only did I get up the courage to talk to her after the event, I ended up having an AMAZING phone conversation with her, and she really went above and beyond. She is a woman I would love to have as a friend. I am sure I am preaching to the choir, but hearing her present has really moved my life forward! The resounding keynote request for us would be: Whose Comfort Zone Are You In. I read Marilyn’s book and LOVED it – and I think our membership will as well. I can’t WAIT to spend some time with Marilyn. That woman touched me in ways I can’t even explain."

Want Marilyn Sherman to have the same effect to your group? To learn more, check out Marilyn's website: www.marilynsherman.com. To hear more about Marilyn's customized presentations, check her availability or fees - contact Sarah at Standard Ovation: sarah@thestandardovation.com or 913.498.9775 or you can contact us through the web. Thank you!

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Keeping in Touch (K.I.T.), April 2, 2013 | Make it Happen

“Everyone gets an idea in the shower. The successful ones get out of the shower, dry off and do something about it.” - Nolan Bushnell, Founder of Atari

Kit Grant's latest newsletter:
What ideas have you had that were never realized because you did not take action? I think most of us are guilty of this and then even more annoyed when someone else “steals” your idea and uses it. Chances are pretty good they did not really steal your idea. They just had a similar thought and then took action. Tired of seeing your newest best idea being sold on TV by someone else? Make this the year you take things from your mind and bring them to reality. We are already 1/3 of the way through 2013 — how are you doing so far? Check out www.youtube.com/thekitgrant for a few new videos recently posted.

Once again Warren Evans and I will be conducting our Boot Camp for speakers. This 3- day event will be held June 21-23 in Calgary. Registration is restricted to only 10 people with 3 spots already taken. With more than 120 graduates, we know this process works and will have a positive impact on your platform performance. For information and to register on-line go to http://www.getbettergetbusier.com. Contact me at  kit@kitgrant.com if you have additional questions.

I have stayed more than 3,000 nights in hotels but recently had one of my worst experiences ever. Returning from Orlando to Calgary via Montreal my wife and I missed our connection home due to adverse weather in Montreal. They managed to get us to Toronto but too late for the Calgary connection so Air Canada sent us to a hotel near the airport. Checking in at 2Am for a 3 hour sleep so we could get back to catch a 7AM flight, we found ourselves at the Days Inn Hotel on Belfield Rd. Two beds in the room increased the chances of actually getting to sleep quickly but upon getting into my bed I detected something at the bottom of the bed. It was a dirty pair of men’s socks at the bottom of the bed — apparently in this hotel they don’t change the bed after each guest, they just pull up the covers and remake the bed. There were stains on the fitted sheet and more on the carpet! Yuck! — who would ever stay here willingly? The front desk clerk had to be awoken by the shuttle driver at 5AM and he could not have cared less about the bed incident. He chastised us for not properly booking the airport shuttle even though we had checked in only 3 hours earlier. This property is to be avoided at all costs. If you are ever stranded in Toronto due to flight disruption and Air Canada or any airline threatens to send you to this hotel you would be wise to refuse.

April was a busy travel month with trips to Las Vegas, Winnipeg, Orlando and Kansas City. If you are scheduling a meeting or conference later this year, I would welcome the opportunity to work with your group. Contact me at kit@kitgrant.com or call Charlotte, Amy or Sarah at 1-866-221-1646
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