Monday, April 8, 2013

Sam Richter | NEW 10th edition Take the Cold book now out!

Written by: Sam Richter, author of Take the Cold Out of Cold Calling, professional speaker, and world’s online intelligence expert.

I am really excited to share some news with you...

The updated 10th edition of the award-winning Take the Cold Out of Cold Calling--named the 2012 Sales Book of the Year--is now out. 

Order the new edition today and receive complimentary shipping and other bonuses.
As you know, any time you send an email, pick up the phone, or attend a business meeting and you have not done your homework, you're winging it--you're make a COLD call. The latest book edition features new methods for using Google, social networks including LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook, and “Invisible Web” search techniques for finding the inside information on companies, industries and people so you can always make relevant, personal, and valuable WARM calls.

You can find Edition 10 at in both soft copy and as a e-version PDF.
A number of people have asked me if they should upgrade from an earlier edition.
  • About 25% of the material in Edition 10 is new from Edition 9.
  • I've added new examples and ideas on the value of information, and statistics proving how sales intelligence can improve your sales close ratios.
  • If you have Edition 8 or earlier, you should definitely considering purchasing the new edition as so many of the sites and techniques I highlight have changed.
You may also be interested in the Know More! Video Series which includes a copy of the new book. You can learn more at

Please take a look at the book reviews to see how Take the Cold has helped tens-of-thousands of sales people and business executives find highly qualified leads, connect with prospects in relevant ways, and provide meaningful value to existing clients. 

Please let me know if you have any questions, and I look forward to helping you grow your business and making every sales call and business meeting a WARM one. 


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