Wednesday, April 24, 2013

A leader's guide to creating a customer-centric culture and Achieving Brand Integrity®

Imagine Becoming a Great Company

Good companies recognize the importance of having clear values.  Good companies recognize the importance communicating those values to employees.  Good companies recognize they have to dedicate time, money and resources to build a successful culture and do so in a variety of ways:
  • Employee Satisfaction Surveys
  • Rewards programs
  • Performance evaluation systems
  • Pizza
  • Thanksgiving Turkeys
  • Etc.
Ultimately, good companies are good because they are mindful of the importance of an engaged workforce and are striving to make sure they deliver.  The problem is good companies are just good; just good because for all of their effort, they struggle to measure this amorphous thing called culture.  Therefore, they cannot manage it and don’t really know if all of their effort and expense is actually making a difference.

Great companies recognize culture eats strategy for breakfast and is the most important differentiator they have.  Great companies get entire workforces to share a common mindset.  Great companies are aligned and engaged around the behaviors that are necessary to make branded experiences come to life.  Great companies recognize employees based on those behaviors and don’t need the traditional and potentially counterproductive rewards programs.  Great companies have managers who truly understand that it’s their job to manage the Branded Experience.  Great companies have systems and tools in place that enable Managers to measure their efforts.

Imagine becoming a great company.  Imagine your company was able to measure and manage the Branded Experience with Engaged employees who Live the Brand and Create Customers for Life.

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