Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Hearts touched by Marilyn Sherman

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

This morning when I got to the office, I checked my email like I normally do... but today I had a note from a client that put a smile on my face. The message was from a client who booked motivational speaker, Marilyn Sherman, for her association meeting this Fall. The client discovered Marilyn when she heard her speak at a meeting she attended last year. When you get something like this - it's almost a shame not to share. This is about the amazing, inspiring, and life-touching, Miss Marilyn Sherman:

"Thanks Sarah. I wish I could concisely put into words how Marilyn touched me when I heard her present in Portland, OR last year at the Conference I attended. Not only did I get up the courage to talk to her after the event, I ended up having an AMAZING phone conversation with her, and she really went above and beyond. She is a woman I would love to have as a friend. I am sure I am preaching to the choir, but hearing her present has really moved my life forward! The resounding keynote request for us would be: Whose Comfort Zone Are You In. I read Marilyn’s book and LOVED it – and I think our membership will as well. I can’t WAIT to spend some time with Marilyn. That woman touched me in ways I can’t even explain."

Want Marilyn Sherman to have the same effect to your group? To learn more, check out Marilyn's website: To hear more about Marilyn's customized presentations, check her availability or fees - contact Sarah at Standard Ovation: or 913.498.9775 or you can contact us through the web. Thank you!

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