Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Keeping in Touch (K.I.T.), April 2, 2013 | Make it Happen

“Everyone gets an idea in the shower. The successful ones get out of the shower, dry off and do something about it.” - Nolan Bushnell, Founder of Atari

Kit Grant's latest newsletter:
What ideas have you had that were never realized because you did not take action? I think most of us are guilty of this and then even more annoyed when someone else “steals” your idea and uses it. Chances are pretty good they did not really steal your idea. They just had a similar thought and then took action. Tired of seeing your newest best idea being sold on TV by someone else? Make this the year you take things from your mind and bring them to reality. We are already 1/3 of the way through 2013 — how are you doing so far? Check out www.youtube.com/thekitgrant for a few new videos recently posted.

Once again Warren Evans and I will be conducting our Boot Camp for speakers. This 3- day event will be held June 21-23 in Calgary. Registration is restricted to only 10 people with 3 spots already taken. With more than 120 graduates, we know this process works and will have a positive impact on your platform performance. For information and to register on-line go to http://www.getbettergetbusier.com. Contact me at  kit@kitgrant.com if you have additional questions.

I have stayed more than 3,000 nights in hotels but recently had one of my worst experiences ever. Returning from Orlando to Calgary via Montreal my wife and I missed our connection home due to adverse weather in Montreal. They managed to get us to Toronto but too late for the Calgary connection so Air Canada sent us to a hotel near the airport. Checking in at 2Am for a 3 hour sleep so we could get back to catch a 7AM flight, we found ourselves at the Days Inn Hotel on Belfield Rd. Two beds in the room increased the chances of actually getting to sleep quickly but upon getting into my bed I detected something at the bottom of the bed. It was a dirty pair of men’s socks at the bottom of the bed — apparently in this hotel they don’t change the bed after each guest, they just pull up the covers and remake the bed. There were stains on the fitted sheet and more on the carpet! Yuck! — who would ever stay here willingly? The front desk clerk had to be awoken by the shuttle driver at 5AM and he could not have cared less about the bed incident. He chastised us for not properly booking the airport shuttle even though we had checked in only 3 hours earlier. This property is to be avoided at all costs. If you are ever stranded in Toronto due to flight disruption and Air Canada or any airline threatens to send you to this hotel you would be wise to refuse.

April was a busy travel month with trips to Las Vegas, Winnipeg, Orlando and Kansas City. If you are scheduling a meeting or conference later this year, I would welcome the opportunity to work with your group. Contact me at kit@kitgrant.com or call Charlotte, Amy or Sarah at 1-866-221-1646
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