Friday, February 22, 2013

Great Customer Experiences Aren't Just Strategy

There's no doubt the term "customer experience" has been a hot topic in business for quite a while, and it's one of the most sought-after topics by those hiring speakers for company events. And after having customer-experience expert Gregg Lederman on our roster of speakers, I've realized how the transformation of becoming one of those companies who are doing it right (think Zappos, Southwest Airlines, Trader Joe's) involves a strategic, and sometimes multi-year process. If you aren't measuring and assessing the right things in the right way, improving culture can be difficult.   

But creating great, or as Gregg says "above and beyond," experiences for your customers also means layering the strategic with a little bit of the warm, fuzzy stuff. Anyone who shops at Trader Joe's knows they don't stop at "Hi, can I help you?" when you walk in the door. They truly want you to have a unique and memorable experience with them from the minute you walk in the door, and they go out of their way to make it happen. Even if you just stop in for some "two-buck Chuck" before your party, you'll leave having had a cheery conversation with your checker about wine, your dog, and you may even end up inviting him or her to your party (not that I ever did that).

Can't remember the last time you had one of these "above and beyond" (aka warm and fuzzy) customer experiences yourself? This post about Trader Joe's might jog your memory...

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