Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Superstar SHOUT OUT - Miss Marilyn Sherman!

"Marilyn [Sherman] was an absolute pleasure to have speak for our conference!  At first, I wasn’t sure how she would relate to the industry of life insurance.  But that doubt didn’t reside very long.  She reached out to several of our agents prior to the conference to get a feel for how they used CMG and what their days look like.  Then once she arrived at the conference, she was spending her time either interacting with the agents during the breaks or ensuring she didn’t miss any of the presentations and sessions.  By the time it was her turn to speak, she knew the industry as well as anyone in the room!  It was amazing to watch her correlate the things that motivate people towards the daily lives of our agents.  You could see everyone in the audience almost mesmerized by her awareness of their challenges.  But what was really great was when she to watch them receive her challenges back to them.  They embraced her encouragement and motivation beyond my expectations.  Aside from seeing the audience transform, I was told by several attendees about how great she was.  Many of the them stated that they had never had anyone push them like she did.  One of the comments I received….“These speakers are always like…sell …sell…sell.  But they never seemed to help us push beyond the limits that we’ve set for ourselves.  Which are generally too low or haven’t evolved with the times.  She simply put…get’s it”.

With all this said, we felt that it was our privilege to have her speak.  She went above anyone’s expectations and created a real take away that people will remember. 

We would recommend Marilyn to anyone in any industry. 

Thank you again for making this possible."

- Brian, CMG Success Conference

Want to know more about Marilyn Sherman? Check out Marilyn's presentation topics, read additional testimonials, watch her video clips of her live on stage - or contact us for more information on how Marilyn can make your next event or conference similar to Brian's experience!

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