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6 Must-Do New Year's Resolutions for 2013!

The Standard Ovation - New Year's Resolutions
It's time to start planning your resolutions - and we have the right person to help you reach your goals!

As you plan for your upcoming goals for the new year - we have the 6 must-do resolutions for 2013. Take a look - we may have the perfect solution for you to start the year off in the right direction! Cheers to 2013!
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1 Dr. Gary Bradt, Standard OvationResolution #1:
Make a conscious choice to change.

“Change means making a choice,” says leadership and change expert Dr. Gary Bradt. You can ignite new passions and new levels of success, or you can sit still and watch the world pass you by. Leaders must choose to accept and adapt to change, lest their organizations fall behind, perhaps never to catch up. Gary inspires, challenges, and equips people with the tools they need to lead themselves and others through change, both at work and at home.

Dr. Gary Bradt:
Gary Travels From: Greensboro, North Carolina
Gary's Website:
Gary on Standard Ovation: (bio/presentations/demo): go here

2 Kit Grant, Standard OvationResolution #2:
Get out of your comfort zone!

Are you or your employees flailing? Kit Grant, known by clients as The Director of Comfort Zone Infiltration, teaches how to take action, change any negative self-talk, and set targets that push you beyond perceived limitations. Let Kit show you how to find success now through taking responsibility!

Kit Grant, CSP:
Kit Travels From: San Francisco, California
Kit's Website:
Kit on Standard Ovation: (bio/presentations/demo): go here

3 Michael Hoffman, Standard OvationResolution #3:
Make your company become #1 on purpose!

Ready to master your tornado so you can enjoy your job more? Ready to learn new skills to have more effective and tactical conversations that lead to better leadership, customer service and even increased sales? With a highly interactive style, Michael Hoffman's unique delivery provides companies with the necessary steps to become #1 on purpose!

Michael Hoffman, CSP:
Michael Travels From: Dallas, Texas
Michael's Website:
Michael on Standard Ovation: (bio/presentations/demo): go here

4 Gregg Lederman, Standard OvationResolution #4:
Get Engaged!

Engaged employees, that is! Employees who are committed and motivated to act in the best interest of your company every day help you gain and keep more loyal customers. Tall order? “Only if you aren’t quantifying your company’s experiences and linking them to financial results,” says customer experience and employee engagement expert Gregg Lederman. Stay tuned for Gregg’s soon-to-be-released book, ENGAGED!: How To Get The Workforce To Outbehave The Competition And Delight Customers.

Gregg Lederman:
Gregg Travels From: Rochester, New York
Gregg's Website:
Gregg on Standard Ovation: (bio/presentations/demo): go here

5 Sam Richter, Standard OvationResolution #5:
Make More Sales!

To get a competitive-edge with a customer or prospect, you need to "take the cold out of cold-calling!" Sam Richter shows you how to build meaningful and relevant relationships (and warm up those calls) by using the internet as a tool. He teaches you how to tell your company's story in a manner that your buyer cares about and wants to hear. His intelligence-gathering tools can help you see an 80% increase in close rates with a 70% increase in revenue.

Sam Richter:  
Sam Travels From: Minneapolis, Minnesota
Sam's Website:
Sam on Standard Ovation: (bio/presentations/demo): go here

6 Marilyn Sherman, Standard OvationResolution #6
Get a front-row seat in life!

Ready to lose weight? Or just get in better shape? Ready to be the one who gets promoted this year? Want to become more productive at work and achieve a better work/life balance? Whatever your personal or professional goals are, Marilyn Sherman can teach and motivate you to reach your goals by getting you out of the balcony, and taking a front-row seat in life!

Marilyn Sherman:  
Marilyn Travels From: Las Vegas, Nevada
Marilyn's Website:
Marilyn on Standard Ovation: (bio/presentations/demo): go here
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