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Motivational Speaker, Marilyn Sherman | Get to know Marilyn a little better!

A Quick Q&A to get to know MARILYN SHERMAN

Marilyn Sherman - Get a front-row seat in life!What is your expertise?
After years being in training and development for a finance company, I spent 5 years on the road with a seminar company and the last 15 years as an independent motivational speaker/author sharing my message of hope, encouragement, and strategies to be more productive. I've written three books about personal motivation and what people can do to get out of their comfort zone and live life in the front-row. With my background in training, I also add value to my clients by conducting workshops on dealing with difficult people. So, not only do I motivate people to be better at work but I teach them how to handle the people around them who aren't so ready to change!

What are the 2 biggest challenges you help clients overcome?
Workplace stagnation and lack of motivation

What’s the one thing you do (on stage/ for clients) that no other speaker does?
The one thing that meeting planners say that impresses them most is how I show up early and attend the events leading up to my presentation, then if my schedule permits, hang with them afterwards. I totally immerse myself into their program so I can speak with more of an understanding of who they are and what they are about. They love it, and I love it too!

What groups tend to need your message the most?
Groups that hired a boring speaker last time! Actually, groups that are looking for practical information that their audience can immediately apply to have increased productivity, morale, and teamwork, delivered in a fun, engaging way.

Describe your presentation style on stage - or how others would describe you & your speaking style.
Funny, authentic, real, relatable and engaging. Oh yeah - and magnetic!

What’s one thing you say on the platform that scares the pants off your audiences?
They are responsible for their own success. Their obstacles are really excuses and if they don't like their seat in life, it's up to them to move it or change their attitude about it.

Today’s audiences are sophisticated and expect more from a speaker - what do you do to keep your content fresh and innovative?
I spend time talking to attendees prior to my program to really understand what their issues are and weave them into my presentation. For associations, I engage in their events and ask a lot of questions.

What is one thing your audiences always remember after having attended your presentation? That life is really lived in the front-row and they too can move closer to the front-row of their life with simple attitude adjustments or perspective shifts.

What are three adjectives past clients have used to describe your presentation and/or message after having heard you?
Best. Speaker. Ever. (and fun, authentic, relatable).

Fill in the blank: Marilyn Sherman is the "Front-Row" gal.

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