Friday, May 24, 2013

Are You Dealing With Someone Difficult In Your Life?


If so, Kit Grant has a tip or two!

  A little bit more about Kit Grant - and why he's a great choice when it comes to dealing
  with difficult people!
  • Experience: Kit has done over 3000 keynotes & workshops
  • Expertise: Pushing people outside their comfort zones so they get the results they deserve
  • Best position for Kit's keynote: closing speaker
  • What Kit does: Keynotes, workshops, emcee & break-outs - each presentation is VERY customizable
 Dealing with Difficult People |Have you ever worked (or lived with) a difficult person?
  • From time to time, we encounter people different from us... so maybe the people you think are "difficult" are really just "different"
  • How and why are they different? We all make perceptions based on reality:
    1. how you see things; 2. how other people see things; 3. How things really are.
  • Kit teaches people to understand how people think different
  • Kit's presentation is fun and you will leave with a better understanding of how to deal with 'difficult' & 'different' people

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