Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Marilyn Sherman: 3 weeks into the new year? Cure for broken resolutions!

Marilyn Sherman
This blog post was written by motivational speaker, Marilyn Sherman.

3 weeks into the new year? Cure for broken resolutions!
Written by: Marilyn Sherman | Written: January 22, 2013

Someone once said that it takes 21 days to create a new habit. Well, it's exactly three weeks into the new year, how are you doing with your resolutions? Chances are, you weren't 100% perfect… especially if being perfect was your resolution! We are human, we are at times weak, so it's only natural that we fall slightly off our intended path once in awhile. So, here's the cure for broken resolutions:

#1. Recognize that having, starting, and breaking resolutions are better than not having them at all, in my opinion. It means that you are striving, hoping to do better, to be better.

#2. Give yourself a break. Congratulate yourself for even thinking of ways to improve your lot in life.

#3. Make a list. Yes, a list. List the progress you've made. List the things you are looking forward to. Make a list of all the ways staying on path will help you and those you serve (or those you're related to). Make a list of all the reasons you are grateful (like not having it as bad as a lot of people who are miserable). Making lists of positive things distract your brain from beating yourself up. As I like to say in my work as a motivational speaker, you can't walk in gratitude and sit in self-pity at the same time!

So here's to your new year, new habits, and new lists.  It's never too late to have the best year of your life!

From your accepting the fact that I've already veered off course and came back again motivational speaker
, Marilyn Sherman

Solution-Based Selling - with Sam Richter

"Sam [Richter] did a great job. He was professional in his delivery, the timing was impeccable, and the content really hit home with our salespeople. We were gearing our guys up for more “solution based selling”, which required the guys to ask a lot more questions and “know the customer", so the content was perfect. Everyone was talking about it at lunch and the feedback has been more than positive."

- VP Sales and Operations, Johnstone Supply, The Ware Group | January 11, 2013


Want Sam Richter to share his tips & tools to your group? To learn more, check out Sam's website: To hear more about Sam's customized presentations, check his availability or fees - contact Charlotte at Standard Ovation: or 913.498.9774 or you can contact us through the web. Thank you!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Word of Mouth - Marilyn Sherman

[testimonial from: Kerry Group | Event: January 15, 2013 | Miami, FL | Speaker: Marilyn Sherman]

We tell people all the time what a powerful message Marilyn Sherman has - but why take our word for it?! Let these gentleman tell you HOW amazing Marilyn's presentation is! Marilyn delivers a message that helps people change their lives for the better! Start 2013 off right and have Marilyn speak at your upcoming event! You, and everyone in your audience, will thank you for it! 
For more information on Marilyn & her topics - check out her website:
To book Marilyn, check her availability, or inquire about her fee - contact Marilyn's manager, Sarah Whitten at 913.498.9755, email at: or fill out this form

Get ready to get out of your comfort zone and make 2013 your best year yet!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

It's a New Year and IASB has a New Look!

It's a New Year and IASB has a New Look!
To help ring in the new year, IASB is pleased to announce the soft launch of our new (and improved) website ( 
We have upgraded the site design and platform to a fully integrated membership management system with increased functionality.  The website is designed to be easy-to-use, accessible and best of all, everything is now in one place.  Some of the new features include:
  • Home Page:
    At a glance, see upcoming events, featured members and speakers, upcoming events, recent industry news and quick links to get to where you want to go with one click.  We have also included curated content specific to our audiences - look for the Blue Tabs at the top of the page to go directly to the content most relevant to you.
  • Video Stories: 
    Check out the featured video spot on the home page.  This space will change bi-weekly and will include Member Moments with a new member featured each time and Speaker Spotlight, highlighting notable speakers. For more information on being featured and telling your story, send an email to
  • Members Only: 
    The members only sections of the website have been expanded and enhanced. To access these pages, click on the login button. In most cases, your login is the primary email associated with your record. If you do not know your password, click on the Forgot Password link and follow the instructions - if you need assistance, IASB staff is available via phone or email.
  • Convention: 
    Registration for the Annual IASB Convention is now open!  If you are a member, please login first.  You will be able to register multiple people from your company and take advantage of the members only discount and group rates.  
  • Searches & Member Directory: 
    A sitewide search is now possible and the search* feature on the Membership Directory has been enhanced.  Plus you can now have additional contacts* for your company. Beginning in April you will be able to renew your membership online with just a few clicks plus see past payments, download receipt copies and more - all in one place, 24 hours a day / 7 days a week. 
    *The primary contact for each member will be receiving a separate email in the next few days with information on how to update your member profile with the new fields.  IASB staff is available to assist with setting up new contacts.

We will officially launch the site at the IASB Convention in April but between now and then, we are looking for your feedback so take a peek and tell us what you think!  We are working on an enhanced Speaker Directory which will launch later this year.
If you prefer to share your comments via email or phone, please send them to info@iasbweb.orgor call (480) 839-1423 (Monday-Friday, 9AM - 4PM MST).
IASBLogoFounded in 1986, the International Association of Speakers Bureaus is the nonprofit trade association of agencies, bureaus and speaker management companies, with members around the world.  Members dhere to a high level of professional standards and take part in professional development.  For more information, please contact the IASB at (480) 839-1423 or online at

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Today we say good bye...

Last night we learned of the passing of the amazing & talented Bill Byrnes. Bill is the husband of long-time bureau-partner and friend, Barbara Byrnes. Barb worked as a speakers bureau agent since 1978 and contributed a great deal to the industry. We have deep sympathy learning about the loss of her husband and give Barb & her family lots love, support & well wishes during this time of sorrow...

Published in Kansas City Star on January 9, 2013

William J. Byrnes, 78, passed away January 7, 2013, due to illness. He was born in Pierre, SD, on July 25, 1934, to Phil and Irene Byrnes, and graduated from Pierre High School. Bill won an art scholarship to attend the University of SD in Vermillion and received a BFA degree. He met his future wife, Barbara James, at the University on a blind date, and they were married in 1959 in Sioux Falls, SD. Bill was a member of the Theta Xi Social Fraternity and the Kappa Kappa Psi Band Fraternity. Upon graduating from the University, he and Barbara finished out the final 9 months of his U.S. Army obligation in Ft. Huachuca, AZ, later moving to Kansas City, MO, for a short time. Then they moved to Des Moines, IA, where Bill was employed as an advertising artist with the Des Moines Register & Tribune from 1960- 1965. From 1965-1966 he was a commercial artist for the Publications Department of Iowa State University in Ames. During his time in Iowa, he continued his studies in oil painting and figure drawing at the Des Moines Art Center. He exhibited his art work at the Art Center, also at Iowa State Fairs. Other activities included joining a dance club, volunteering to usher at a local theater, and playing cards. From 1966-1970 Bill worked for Trans World Airlines as a Technical Illustrator in Kansas City. He then became employed as an Advertising Artist for The Kansas City Star in their Creative Services Department and retired after 30 years of service. He continued to attend the Kansas City Art Institute's figure drawing classes, which was his specialty, using conte crayon as his media. He has exhibited at the Tri Delta Art Festival, Plaza Art Fair, Metcalf South Shopping Center, Prairie Village Sidewalk Art Show, Antioch Park-Art in the Park, Crown Center Art Festival (receiving second place among the drawing media), Mission Shopping Center Art Show, Brookside Art Show and Westport Art Fair. Since the inception of the Westport Art Show in 1980, Bill was one of the original artists. Some of his original drawings have also been on exhibit in the Western Art Gallery section of Wall Drug Store, in Wall, SD, a tourist must-stop attraction on the way to the Black Hills and Mount Rushmore. Also, an original drawing is hanging on the wall of Kelly's in Westport. Bill and Barb lived in Overland Park, KS. In 1970 Bill designed the first official Seal for the Overland Park Fire Department. Along with his art, he enjoyed playing the sax in the Overland Park band, gardening, country music, dancing, church activities and sports. Bill is survived by his wife Barbara, their son Brian and his wife Sharla and granddaughter Regan, their daughter Becky and grandson Brody, his sister Phyllis Solberg and brother Stephen. His parents, a sister and a brother preceded him in death. Memorial services are Friday, January 11, 2013, 2 p.m. at Christ Church Anglican, 5500 W. 91st St., Overland Park, KS 66207. A reception will follow the service. (Arr: Cremation Society of Kansas & Missouri, 8837 Roe, Prairie Village, KS 66207; 913- 383-9888)

Onion myth?! Does it help prevent/or cure the flu??

Read this recently about onions... although there is no scientific proof this works - but as we see the flu hit harder than it has in a decade - we figured this may not hurt to share JUST IN CASE it does work =)

. . . . . . . . .

In 1919 when the flu killed 40 million people there was this Doctor that visited the many farmers to see if he could help them combat the flu...
Many of the farmers and their families had contracted it and many died.

The doctor came upon this one farmer and to his surprise, everyone was very healthy. When the doctor asked what the farmer was doing that was different the wife replied that she had placed an unpeeled onion in a dish in the rooms of the home, (probably only two rooms back then). The doctor couldn't believe it and asked if he could have one of the onions and place it under the microscope. She gave him one and when he did this, he did find the flu virus in the onion. It obviously absorbed the bacteria, therefore, keeping the family healthy.

Now, I heard this story from my hairdresser. She said that several years ago, many of her employees were coming down with the flu, and so were many of her customers. The next year she placed several bowls with onions around in her shop. To her surprise, none of her staff got sick. It must work. Try it and see what happens. We did it last year and we never got the flu.

Now there is a PS: to this, for I sent it to a friend in Oregon who regularly contributes material to me on health issues. She replied with this most interesting experience about onions:

Thanks for the reminder. I don't know about the farmer's story... but, I do know that I contacted pneumonia, and, needless to say, I was very ill... I came across an article that said to cut both ends off an onion put it into an empty jar, and place the jar next to the sick patient at night. It said the onion would be black in the morning from the germs...sure enough it happened just like that...the onion was a mess and I began to feel better.

Another thing I read in the article was that onions and garlic placed around the room saved many from the black plague years ago. They have powerful antibacterial, antiseptic properties.

This is the other note. Lots of times when we have stomach problems we don't know what to blame. Maybe it's the onions that are to blame. Onions absorb bacteria is the reason they are so good at preventing us from getting colds and flu and is the very reason we shouldn't eat an onion that has been sitting for a time after it has been cut open.


I had the wonderful privilege of touring Mullins Food Products, Makers of mayonnaise. Questions about food poisoning came up, and I wanted to share what I learned from a chemist.

Ed, who was our tour guide, is a food chemistry whiz. During the tour, someone asked if we really needed to worry about mayonnaise. People are always worried that mayonnaise will spoil. Ed's answer will surprise you. Ed said that all commercially-made mayo is completely safe.

"It doesn't even have to be refrigerated. No harm in refrigerating it, but it's not really necessary." He explained that the pH in mayonnaise is set at a point that bacteria could not survive in that environment. He then talked about the summer picnic, with the bowl of potato salad sitting on the table, and how everyone blames the mayonnaise when someone gets sick.

Ed says that, when food poisoning is reported, the first thing the officials look for is when the 'victim' last ate ONIONS and where those onions came from (in the potato salad?). Ed says it's not the mayonnaise (as long as it's not homemade mayo) that spoils in the outdoors. It's probably the ONIONS, and if not the onions, it's the POTATOES.

He explained onions are a huge magnet for bacteria, especially uncooked onions. You should never plan to keep a portion of a sliced onion.. He says it's not even safe if you put it in a zip-lock bag and put it in your refrigerator.

It's already contaminated enough just by being cut open and out for a bit, that it can be a danger to you (and doubly watch out for those onions you put in your hotdogs at the baseball park!). Ed says if you take the leftover onion and cook it like crazy you'll probably be okay, but if you slice that leftover onion and put on your sandwich, you're asking for trouble. Both the onions and the moist potato in a potato salad, will attract and grow bacteria faster than any commercial mayonnaise will even begin to break down.

Also, dogs should never eat onions. Their stomachs cannot metabolize onions.

Please remember it is dangerous to cut an onion and try to use it to cook the next day, it becomes highly poisonous for even a single night and creates toxic bacteria which may cause adverse stomach infections because of excess bile secretions and even food poisoning.