Friday, March 27, 2015

Playing your cards wrong can cost you business. Here's the solution.

You've got great solutions.
So, why aren't people listening?
When you're excited about conveying an idea, product, or service, it's easy to talk a blue streak about it! But when it comes to persuasion, if your audience is losing interest before you've mentioned all the benefits, could it be you who's not listening? You deserve a quick break to learn and enjoy a Cuppa Hoff! Sales Expert and Professional Speaker, Michael Hoffman shares tips and techniques for improving your communication skills in this short refresh about being an exceptional person of influence!
Ready to learn the solution of the winning hand?

Watch #CuppaHoff, Episode 2 - The Winning Hand

Does your next meeting
need a reviving spark?
Start changing your culture of ‘bored’ meetings! Michael ignites enthusiasm in newbies on your team and rejuvenates the veterans through his engaging and entertaining presentations.
In a nutshell? Michael’s keynotes, workshops, and training sessions are consistently top-rated, and audiences love Michael as emcee!
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What impact could a Cuppa Hoff
make with your team?
Maybe it’s time your organization had some fun with learning! Michael is an expert at customizing your unique message with humor and enthusiasm. Whether you need to focus on sales techniques, improve customer service, or develop communication skills, short videos will leave your teams craving more!
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About Michael Hoffman, CSP
Michael Hoffman is a certified professional speaker, trainer, and emcee who has been igniting the performance of people for over 20 years. For a list of Michael's topics, speaking demo videos, or to read rave reviews from past clients, please visit:

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