Friday, May 4, 2012

K.I.T., May 4/12 ... I Challenge You!

“Imagination is more important than knowledge.” … Albert Einstein

Kit Grant's latest newsletter:
When was the last time you surprised yourself by doing something you previously believed you could not accomplish? The ability to imagine what no one else could ever foresee allowed Walt Disney to create Disneyland. Your dreams may not be that big, but they could be even bigger! Tell Donald Trump he can’t do something and watch what happens. Let your imagination work for you — isn’t it annoying when you see someone has put “your” idea into action?
What is holding you back? Expand your comfort zone and go beyond any self-limiting beliefs. It certainly worked for the guy who made this quote.

Having just finished working with some great folks during the past two weeks, my energy levels are definitely up. Next week I am off to Cleveland for a 3-day conference with another 500 people eager to learn new skills in copywriting and marketing. It will be great. I’ll be spending most of this month closer to home working on promotional activities for the following programs.

• June 20th is our next Quota® Sales Performance Game seminar here in Calgary. This program provides salespeople with ten core competencies and allows them to learn these tools and techniques by participating in a sales “contest” during the program. It’s limited to the first 20 people so contact Kit me if you’re interested in attending.
• June 22-24 in Calgary is our next “Get Better; Get Busier” Boot Camp for speakers. With more than 120 graduates, we know this 3-day event will provide participants with the skills required to make them masters of the platform. Registration is limited to only 10 people — there are currently ONLY 3 spots left. If you speak professionally, this is the program you have been waiting for — call Kit at 1-888-866-3603.

It’s back again this month. I’m [Kit] working on losing 10 (more) pounds and I challenge you to participate. Just send me an e-mail with “challenge” in the subject line and you’re entered … got some great prizes for those who meet or match the 10 pound target.

For more information on Kit Grant - contact Standard Ovation > | 913.498.9772. 

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