Thursday, May 10, 2012

Who is the toughest audience in the world?

When it comes to delivering a keynote presentation or workshop program, who is the toughest audience in the world?

ANSWER: Government employees!

Why? They receive no incentive for attending, no bonuses for implementing what they learn, and they are historically extremely skeptical and cynical when presented with concepts from those outside of government.

Unless, of course, the program is delivered by Sam Richter: 

Following my signature line is an actual image of Sam’s ratings from a program he delivered last week, and that he is contracted to give throughout the year to new government hires. He rated the highest of all of the presenters, and ranked one of the best presenter’s in the department’s history. Imagine the response you’ll receive with these kind of speaker ratings at your next event.

If you’d like to learn more about Sam’s programs, watch his video and read additional testimonials, and to inquire about booking him, please contact me and visit:

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Charlotte Raybourn

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