Friday, November 9, 2012

The reason I do what I do - by Sarah Whitten

After starting Standard Ovation over 8 months ago with my two business partners Amy Crocker & Charlotte Raybourn, I had a moment of realization last night that made me stop for a minute. I never realized it until then, but the goals I have in my personal life - happen to be the identical goals of our company. It was such a revelation to absorb that our company's purpose is to help others the same way I want to help myself. How have I not realized this before? I have no idea... but it made me have an overwhelming appreciation of our business and the purpose it has to society. I'd like to share this with you - both my personal goals in life, and the purpose of our company.

First, I'd like to describe a bit more of our company: Standard Ovation manages a select roster of business & motivational speakers. We have selected our speakers to partner with because of what they talk & teach to others, and how they directly impact the lives of their audiences. It gives us great satisfaction to match what they speak about to the correct audience so lives become better, leaders become stronger, sales people become more profitable, employees become more productive, and so on. Every single time one of our speakers has stepped off the stage after they delivered their keynote - the feedback we receive has been over-the-top. EVERY single time. It's truly remarkable. They are truly making a difference and growing the lives of others.

So, as I come full circle, I'd like to share with you my personal goals as well as the goals of our company. The reason I am choosing to share this with you is for the chance we may have similar, or even identical goals. If that is the case, and you'd like to know more on how our speakers can help you reach one of these goals in particular, let us know. We are here to help you and enrich your lives & to better your company. We proudly manage six of the greatest speakers and they would love to help. Check them out:, feel free to call me and I can also answer your questions: 913.498.9775 or email me:

Thank you for taking the time to read this!
Sarah Whitten, Partner, Standard Ovation

- My goal: I want to be the best at whatever I chose to do
- Standard Ovation's purpose: To help others be the best they can be

- My goal: to reach my true potential so I have a happy & satisfied life
- Standard Ovation's purpose: To help people reach their potentials leading them to a much happier life

- My goal: I want to enjoy my work - really enjoy it. I want to work with people I truly like. I want to leave work and feel accomplished and enjoy my family & friends without feeling stressed or anxious
- Standard Ovation's purpose: For people to truly enjoy their work, become engaged in what they do, feel satisified and proud of what they accomplish every day, be lead by the best, learn to successfully deal with more difficult people without becoming a stress-ball, strive for a better work-life balance

- My goal: For my only money problems to worry about be how & where to spend the extra money I make each month after paying my bills, saving for your future and giving to charity
- Standard Ovation's purpose: for your company to be number one on purpose. For you to be the best leader where everyone wants to work for,  for you to be the top sales person that builds relationships you enjoy while making more money, for your company to stand apart from the competition and be the best in the eyes of your customers/clients/patients where your business continues to grow

- My goal: Feeling confident about my career so I can focus on contributing to my community by building relationships of those who work & live around me and by giving back to those in need
- Standard Ovation's purpose: Build your company to a place where you are a role model in your community. Set standards where your company's goods & services become the case study as the ideal company and ideal work place. Be voted as best place to work. Be voted as the best place to do business. Be voted and ranked the highest in customer/client/patient service and care


  1. Beautiful points, authentically written. So proud to know you and see your personal and career growth.

  2. Nice start guys...I went through the website and I found that you made decent point here about business motivational speakers. Keep up the topic that everyone can choose one of the best. Thanks.