Thursday, October 25, 2012

Terry Hawkins' Book Picked Up by Berrett-Koehler Publishing!!!

We are THRILLED to announce that this week San Francisco-based Berrett-Koehler picked up one of the books authored by our very own Ms. Terry Hawkins! The publication giant acquired Terry's inspirational book, "Why Wait to Be Great? It's Either Now or Too Late!," originally released by the self-publishing group iUniverse. Congratulations, Terry!!!

Just like the team here at Standard Ovation, the folks at Berrett-Koehler apparently know a good thing when they see it. BK President Steve Piersanti was quoted saying, "As a speaker, Terry Hawkins is absolutely spectacular. She mesmerizes and inspires crowds on the business lecture circuit, and has brilliantly taken that energy, passion and wisdom and put it into a wonderful book.” “‘Why Wait to Be Great’ fits perfectly within Berrett-Koehler’s mission, and we are thrilled to have her.” So are we!

Terry hopes with this new partnership she will be able to help even more people overcome adversity in their lives. “It’s been my life’s work to help people achieve their goals and experience success both personally and professionally,” said Terry. "With the help of Barrett-Koehler and iUniverse, the methods and teachings I’ve used in my own life to overcome great adversity throughout my career, are now available to everyone in ‘Why Wait to Be Great,’ and I hope it encourages others to deal with their pain and follow their dreams just as I have with my own.”

And in this awesome spirit of philanthropy, Terry has been educating businesses and individuals for nearly 25 years. She founded the professional training company, People in Progress Global, in 1989 and has since helped more than 300,000 people realize their goals and improve their lives. She also speaks at events all over the world inspiring people to make needed life changes and giving them specific tools to actually do it. Before relocating to the USA, Terry was the most sought-after, award-winning female speaker in Australia. "Why Wait to Be Great?” is one of many books Terry has written or co-writen, including her very popular “Stickman Rules” children’s series, “Secrets of Inspiring Women Exposed,” and “The Power of More than One.

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