Monday, October 1, 2012

Are you in a rut? Let Marilyn Sherman help you get out!

A quick note from Miss Marilyn Sherman:

Are you in a rut? Are your employees and colleagues in a rut? Well, a rut is a grave with two ends gone. We’ve got to get you out of that! And that’s what I do.

Hello, my name is Marilyn Sherman and it is my passion in life to END WORKPLACE STAGNATION! In my motivational keynote presentations I will equip your attendees with the tools it takes to do more, be more, to overcome obstacles and really LOVE what they do. Have you ever noticed that the best things in life rarely happen in our comfort zones? I want to help move your organization from comfort zone to POWER zone.

So here’s how this works. Through moving stories and a lifetime of trial and error - and more importantly trial and success! - I will arm your group with the strategies and actionable information it takes to increase employee engagement, improve morale and to inspire attendees to own the overall success of your organization.

You have two options. First is “How To Get A Front Row Seat In Life.” We all know that too many people settle for mediocrity in life. But have you ever considered how settling for mediocrity this might effect your organization... and your results? Everybody deserves a front row seat in life, but so few of us know how to get it. I know, because that used to be me, until I set about taking control and practicing the very principles I teach today. The best life is lived in the front row, and I would love to show your group how to get there.

Your second option is my “Who’s Comfort Zone Are You In?” keynote presentation. Has someone close to you ever had their own plan for your life? Have you noticed how many of us live lives shaped by “what others think” and “what I should do?” I want to show your group how to overcome the obstacles to success and get rid of excuses. I inspire attendees to develop and act on their own vision, and to make it congruent with their values, as well as the values of your organization. A simple change in perspective can often cause a HUGE, positive change in life. Effecting this kind of change is my mission and I welcome the opportunity to share this with your group.

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