Monday, October 1, 2012

Michael Hoffman | Mastering the Tornado of Business Q&A

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Michael Hoffman | Mastering the Tornado of Business

A quick Q&A with business expert, Michael Hoffman:

With a highly interactive style, Michael Hoffman's unique delivery cements his expertise in the minds of his attendees to ignite the tactics and techniques necessary to approach their jobs "on purpose" with an attitude of ownership and professionalism. Michael uses his rich background to drive home his message that business is and will always be about "people". "How we approach our customers both internal and external will set us apart from all our competition."

What do people gain from your keynotes?

“Effective presentations combine the right informational tools with the right amount of motivation. Motivation alone is fleeting, but the right tools without motivation are lifeless... I provide both.” My desire is to give people an experience that will cut through the baggage and barnacles that we build up, laugh at the situations we face and then, being open to the information, deliver solid content that equips the audience with what they need to be more influence in this tornado of life.

What are your top three tips for organizations seeking to be more customer focused?

1)  A customer-focused company has to have a culture that breeds service to each other. Foster a culture of service by starting with the very top and watch your customer’s experience ignite.
2)  Customer Service is a skill set. It is more than a personality trait. What your company needs are people with skills. And I love to say: “I will know people with skill sets when the tornado rises!” Don’t stop investing in your people’s customer service skills.
3)  Keep it fun. Reward what you expect. Promote the joy. Don’t keep silent with the feed back from outside. We all live behind our eyeballs and walk through this life experience hope we’re doing it right. Don’t let your people guess. Tell them what they say and do that’s spot on and they have a tendency to do it again.... and repetition becomes a habit and habits become culture. 

How do you manage to empower & motivate people?

Interesting question. I don’t think I can empower and motivate. I think I am empowered and motivated and that infects everything I have to give. Watching someone who is passionate and has something concrete to share that I connect to allows me to generate a desire to do/be the same. I motivate myself. I empower myself. That’s why I smile at being introduced as a motivational speaker. I can’t motivate anyone that doesn’t want to be motivated. I love what I do and won’t talk about anything that I don’t know and believe 100%... and it shows. Those that are motivated at the end of my presentations are people of choice and action. I just gave them permission to be passionate because I’m passionate. So join me. Let’s be passionate together, and change the world!
Michael Hoffman - Demo Video - The Tornado of Business

Michael Hoffman, CSP

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