Tuesday, October 9, 2012

National Bullying Prevention Month - A message from Terry Hawkins

A POWERFUL message made by the remarkable Terry Hawkins - worth the read. Terry can share, teach and spread these thoughts to really make a difference whatever your age or situation. In honor of October being National Bullying Prevention Month - let us know if you'd like Terry to speak to your organization or group to make an impact on how important it is to deal with the emotional side of things in your life, too. Contact Standard Ovation: 913.498.9772 or email: info@thestandardovation.com to check Terry's availability & fee structure!

From Miss Terry Hawkins:
"Pain is a necessary part of life. When we experience physical pain, we pay attention. We know that our body is telling us something. Many hospitals will caution the use of sedatives as they can hide the true issue and make it harder to diagnose. It is no different for emotional pain. This time it is our soul telling us something. When we try to numb our emotional pain we don't give ourselves the o
pportunity to face the core issues at the heart of our pain. "Doing pain well" is not about avoiding it, going around it, going under it or hoping it will go away. It is about trusting that you have all the resources you need to walk through your pain - right into the eye of it - breathing deeply into it - and then allowing yourself to come out the other side. Your pain is one of your greatest guides. Let's not numb it through blame, accusation, medication, anger, pity, or drama. If you are feeling pain, you are communicating with your soul. Pay attention to the wisdom that will flow! Go STICKMAN!"

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