Thursday, February 27, 2014

Ready to become #1 on purpose?

Michael Hoffman: mastering tornadoes, igniting performance and helping organizations become #1 on purpose since 1993.
Michael Hoffman just spoke at the 2014 Million Dollar Round Table [MDRT] Experience Meeting in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. He delivered a dynamic keynote full of energy - creating an excitement and buzz around his message (even while eleven languages were being translated simultaneously).

Michael's programs are filled with customized ideas and strategies to create stronger internal cultures. This type of collaboration results in better products, top-notch service, and an unforgettable external experience. Michael strives for organizations (employees AND leaders) to become #1 ON PURPOSE.

Michael presents impactful content in a humorous way, engaging audiences to their full attention. Because of the contagious atmosphere Michael creates, clients consistently ask him back to energize their people with more of the Hoffman Experience. Michael is stellar at motivating and recharging organizations and is a master for creating long-term results. You can catch a glimpse of The Hoffman Experience here:; or a few demo videos of Michael speaking here:

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TOPICS: communication, customer service, humorist, leadership, motivation, sales, retail

Michael provides the tools on how become #1 on purpose.
Michael addresses issues your organization may be struggling with (or challenges you want to overcome), and provides an altering mind-set. He provides implementable tactics [both internally and externally] to get your employees & leaders more engaged AND customers feel like they are #1. Michael provides strategies on how to start with your organization's culture in order to create success. 

Michael delivers keynotes, workshops, half-day & full-day training sessions.
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Michael travels from Dallas, Texas

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