Friday, March 7, 2014

Women's History Month: Q&A with Anne Mahlum

March is Women's History Month, and we'd like to honor our very own Anne Mahlum - social change agent, entrepreneur, inspirational keynote speaker and all around dynamo! 

Anne is the founder of Back on My Feeta national non-profit that uses the power of running to help those experiencing homelessness change their lives for the better. Her personal story and work with Back on My Feet is a powerful example of how real change happens, and she regularly shares this message at corporate events, academic institutions and conferences all over the country, including two TEDx talks

So what inspires Anne? Find out in this fantastic Women's History Month Q&A by our good friends over at Eagles Talent Speakers Bureau, where they asked Anne what shaped her as the amazing woman she is today.
Check out the interview below!

Q&A with Anne Mahlum:

Q: When you were a little girl, did you have a female role model? Who?
A: I think for someone to be a role model, you really need to know their character so I choose my mom. I honestly didn’t realize how much of a role model she was and just how much of a work ethic and drive she passed on to me until I got older.
Q: If so, what about her inspired you? Did you apply it to help accomplish your goals?
A: My mom never missed a beat – she is as reliable, focused and responsible as they come. She had three kids within three years of each other, worked full time, saved enough money for all of us kids to go to college, worked out every day, drove us to all of our activities and sat on the prom committee (which I wasn’t so thrilled about at the time)!  I learned, for anything I want to do, to set a deadline and make it public – it makes it real and keeps me accountable.
Q: Since you have become a public figure, is there a little girl that you inspire? If so, in what ways did you help her?
A: Well, I don’t really think of myself as a public figure – although I do get mistaken for Pink quite often. I honestly try and get back to as many people as possible that reach out to me, and many of them are young women who are looking for advice on how to find, create and make something out of their passion. No one gets anywhere in life without help and positive motivation from others, and I think it’s extremely important to pass it on. 
Q: In your opinion, who is the most inspirational woman in history? Why?
A: While there are many amazing women, I choose Hillary Clinton because I have seen her in action. She is bold, she is brave, and she doesn’t let anyone push her around. She stands up for what she believes in, and I think she is true to herself at all times. I may not absolutely agree with everything she says or does, but her confidence and ability to fight is impressive.

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