Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Kit Grant: Your Keeping In Touch (K.I.T.) newsletter March 5/19

“If a man is to move the world, he must first move himself.” - Socrates

It looks like not much has changed since those words were first spoken. I [Kit Grant] have discovered that doing things is not nearly as difficult as making the decision to do them. Most people spend their time thinking of reasons why something won’t work. This negative thinking is usually sufficient to deter them from taking any action. They do make a decision — it’s to not go ahead with their plan. They will say things like, “We have decided not to go ahead at this time.” Some time later they’ll discover someone else has done what they had been thinking of … the common reaction — “They stole my idea.”. NO … they just took action when you were unwilling to do so.

Notice it’s not often a lack of ability, a lack of resources, a lack of time nor money — it’s a lack of willingness to take action. Successful people generally do what others are unwilling to do. Why are some people in sales organizations more consistently successful than others doing the same job? It’s not because they are smarter, gifted, or lucky. They exhibit behaviors others are not willing to implement.
Stop worrying about other people (particularly what you imagine they may think of you) and make the decision to act. Nothing happens until someone moves.

Off to Toronto tomorrow for three days to participate in the Quota® Coach program designed for sales managers. Our next Quota® Sales Performance Game seminars will be held in Calgary and Edmonton on May 8 and 9, 2012.

The new speaker management company that has put me on their roster is now up and running. Have a look at http://www.thestandardovation.com — should be an interesting time ahead as I get to work with new clients and the powerful team at Standard Ovation.

Yes, it’s almost time again. Our snow is all gone (although I know we’ll get some more in April) and people are out at the driving range already. Why not start your season on a positive note? My 38 minute audio CD, “10 Steps To Improve Your Golf Game — Guaranteed” will put you in the correct frame of mind every time you go to the course. You can own this for yourself or give a great gift to a golfer in your family or a friend. Go to http://bit.ly/GBOekA and order your copy today. It will change your perspective on the game… score better, have more fun!
Written by
Kit Grant

more information on Kit Grant, or to inquire about his professional speaking, please contact Standard Ovation: www.thestandardovation.com | info@thestandardovation.com | 913.498.9772

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