Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Sam Richter: What the heck happened to Google Advanced? (and more cool stuff)

From the best-selling author and TOP sales speaker, Sam Richter
In this post: learn how to find Google's Advanced Search (yes, it disappeared) and the power within it. Plus, enjoy a great article from my friend Lee Salz and some super sales success resources!

  • What Happened to Google's Advanced Search?
    Boolean search queries are the secret to awesome search results. Most people, however, don't have the time to learn these complex techniques. You too could easily search like a pro with Google's Advanced Search, but recently, the link disappeared. Where did it go, and how can you now conduct a great search?   READ MORE
  • Take the Cold Out of Cold Calling - NEW EDITION 9 Pre-Order
    The new edition of Take the Cold Out of Cold Calling will be coming off the press very soon. Pre-order your copy now and get complimentary shipping, the latest version of the Know More! Reference Guide, and other great bonus items.  LEARN MORE
  • Downloadable White Papers and Articles to Read and Share
  • Your Sales Team - Wise Investment or Money Pit?
    The sales team is the primary revenue source for most businesses. However, if not carefully managed, this revenue source can easily become a money pit. There are five areas business executives should watch to ensure they make a wise investment in their sales team.  READ MORE
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