Friday, March 23, 2012

My Assistant

Corbin & Lloyd pixel pushin!
I have a little helper today. This is Corbin. He is a 100% Pomeranian, 30% meatball, 65% Aflac duck & 110% love & joy. Corbs was born with a collapsed trachea which makes him a constant quacker... (hence, the 65% Aflac portion of his make-up). =)

He is on a daily doggy steroid which does reduce the honk and relieves any pain - but it has a mild side effect of sticking some extra sumpin-sumpin to his ribs.. and, just guessing here, I'd say, approximately making him 225% over-weight (hence, the meatball portion) =)

Corbin will be 8 this October. I got him from a breeder in Oklahoma who handed him over just under 2 lbs! You'd never know if you saw this bowl of jelly now! Every year Corbin gets a nickname - thought I'd share those since he's being blogged on today! Of course, to all our readers, name contributions for the future choices are always welcome! You can comment on this post or just email them to me at TGIF everyone!

Corbonzo Beans
Mikhail Corbotrav
The Corbinator
Corbious Maximus
Sir Quacks A Lot
Quacker Jack

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