Thursday, August 15, 2013

Marilyn Sherman | A Passion to Help People

Marilyn Sherman - New Demo Video | A passion to help people get a front-row seat in life!
Marilyn Sherman's new demo video is here!
It's the full demo (16:50). Feel free to watch as much or as little as you'd like.
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Marilyn Sherman's New Demo Video | Watch Video!
Marilyn's passion is helping people reach their true potential. She inspires employees to go from an attitude of entitlement to a place of gratitude, resulting in: better customer service, increased productivity, overcoming obstacles, and creating a healthier work environment. She encourages people to do more for less.

Marilyn shares stories from 
individuals who have had front-row experiences. She teaches her audiences how going above and beyond truly makes a difference to others, as well as for their own lives. Marilyn may be referred to as a motivational speaker, but she is described as a "perspective shifter".
Join Marilyn in getting a front-row seat in your life!

Want to Learn more about Marilyn Sherman? For more information on Marilyn's programs, availability & speaking fees, please contact:
Sarah Whitten at 913.498.9775 |

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