Thursday, August 1, 2013

The Magic Formula

By: Dr. Gary Bradt

Phil Mickelson, one of golf’s premier players, went from devastation to delirium in 30 days. He went from losing the US Open in crushing fashion in June 2013, to winning the British Open in stunning fashion in July 2013, overcoming a five-stroke deficit on the final day of competition.

He succeeded by letting go of his mental anchors, and latching on to a new way of thinking. He applied The Magic Formula:

T x E = R
Thinking x Emotions = Results.

The Formula works like this:

After he lost in June, Mickelson lied in bed for days, thinking about the opportunities lost. He felt empty. Lost.

An experience a short time later convinced him to change his thinking. He reflected on the good shots he had made, not the bad. He thought about the opportunities that lied ahead, not those behind. He felt hopeful. Optimistic. Rejuvenated.

He applied the power of The Magic Formula: New thinking triggered new emotions, and the combination triggered new behavior, and better results.

In subsequent posts we will explore how you can apply The Magic Formula to get better results in your life too.

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