Monday, August 5, 2013

Michael Hoffman - Education Client Testimonial

Keynote Speaker, Michael Hoffman
"Michael did a marvelous job here at Region 8. He was fabulous. The participants REALLY enjoyed his keynote presentation, I heard LOTS of positive comments and have had several calls since then to ask for his contact information so I gave it to them. =) I overheard one lady say “ Sounds like he has been working in our kitchen for many years”! Thanks for all you did to make it a success. We really appreciate you guys and will remember it for years to come." 
- Child Nutrition Specialist, Region 8 Education Service Center
Region 8 Education Service Center
   [Event for Region 8 ESC: July 2013]

Michael's programs are high-content, but he delivers his message in a very dynamic and humorous style, allowing his audience to retain his message and gain more from his presentation. Michael provides hands-on tools and tactics that can be immediately implemented - showing instant results! For more information on how Michael Hoffman can help you and others in your organization become a person of situational influence, contact Sarah at 913.498.9775 or To read Michael's program descriptions, watch demo videos or read some past client testimonials, visit:

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