Wednesday, April 4, 2012


I [Sarah Whitten] wanted to write a quick post to note my gratefulness for these past couple months. I think people take things for granted too often without giving proper recognition... and when I say people, I  mean myself. I also feel it's easy for me to note my bad days or things that urk me... for example, the tv show Revenge not being aired until April 18th (say what?! that's wak!) ... I digress... =)

So, back to the topic of appreciation... and the MUCH deserved & overdue thank yous to the people who have been supportive, inspiring, kind & so wonderful throughout this new journey we have been going through.

I wanted to express how truly grateful I feel. I can honestly say, I'm in love with my new job. I know the hours are long and the learning curve is steep - but the benefits are clear, the future is exciting, and the silver lining is a perfect hue! The people we have met, the kindness that has been sent our way, and the relationships we have developed on a more deeper level is an absolute joy & puts an ear-to-ear smile on my face everyday.

There is such a huge piece of my heart that thanks my lucky stars every morning when I pop out of bed! I have absolutely intelligent, beautiful & a amazing partners in Amy & Charlotte - and we have the MOST incredible speakers we are currently representing! Michael, Sam, Gary, Kit & Gregg are such gifts to the speaking industry! We are so lucky - and we thank them for having the courage to work with us and our new company, and for allowing us to help grow their business with them. They are without a doubt the definition of class, professionalism, and all-around amazing people! Thank you gentlemen!!

And, one last note of gratefulness in my mushy blog post is to note we were  fortunate enough to have the honor to sign-on another speaker today!! WHOOOT!! Our first female, Terry Hawkins! She is, absolutely remarkable. She is strong, inspiring, incredibly brilliant, beautiful (inside & out), kind, witty, clever, caring & just fabulous-o! We are so pumped! (and could go on & on... ) =)

With that said - thank you! Thank you to everyone! Thank you to our families & friends for supporting us, too! Thank YOU for even reading this blog post! =)
[INSERT: ending Oscar cut-off music] - I could go on for pages & pages.. and I type fast =)

xoxo =) - Sarah

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