Monday, April 2, 2012

I'm a Stickman®!!

Tonight while watching the Jayhawks sadly lose (SADLY) - but, to a well-deserved team, I decided to take a quiz on Are you PITMAN or STICKMAN® by the lovely Terry Hawkins on her website, People In Progress:

Here is more about the quiz!
Half full, half empty, optimist, pessimist, extrovert, introvert, depressive, expressive, determined, defeatist.....there is a list a mile long of adjectives aiming to describe who we are or at best, how we may be feeling in a particular moment!

But do we really know who we have made ourselves into and would it be handy to undo the stitching and redesign the pattern by which we live our life!! I think so!

I [Terry Hawkins] have spent many years observing people in their day to day activities and from many perspectives - as a business owner, a trainer and corporate speaker, a mum, a work colleague, a customer, a friend, a wife, a volunteer, an audience member, and from all of these environments I have noticed that people fall into two main categories.

I am sure you’re saying – two categories! Come on! Get real! People are far more complex than that and you’re right, they are. There are many different shades and gradients but all of those gradients and shades fall to some degree, under either of these two categories.


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