Friday, April 13, 2012

Terry Hawkins CSP - Winner 2010 Educator Award for Excellence - heading to Australia for 2 public events - DON'T MISS OUT!!

Terry Returns to Australia :: People In Progress LLC | MyNewsletterBuilder

I was indeed fortunate to have attended the L.E.A.D course last week and to be honest, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. But after only a couple of hours in the room it was obvious that this was going to be the most amazing course I had ever had the opportunity to participate in.  Over 3 magical days, a well structured content was delivered by Terry that allowed the combined wisdom in the room from all the attendees to be crystallised into an unforgettable learning experience. What an unbelievable course. I didn’t want it to stop!

My head is still buzzing with the depth of knowledge and material that was covered and the amazing insights that was unearthed in 3 incredible days.  I have been to lots of conferences and seminars. Some people may even call me a seminar junkie, always looking for fresh and new concepts. This far surpassed anything I had experienced in the last 10 years, no question whatsoever!”

Mark Sayer, General Manager and CEO,

Blue Plus Animal Services and Veterinary Hospitals Pty Ltd

"Terry gets to the heart of what makes people tick. She stops at nothing to ensure you have brilliant, real life examples of human beings in action so that her wisdom transfers to you in a tangible and easy to understand way. For anyone who truly believes that their people are their greatest asset – spend time with Terry and learn how to get the best from yourself and your team.”

Catherine Crowley, Learning and Development Manager, Cosmetics Cube

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Hi everyone!
Welcome to our first newsletter! It thrills me that I will be able to communicate with you every couple of weeks from the USA about topics that can support you in your business, home life and or personal endeavors, whatever they may be. I have personally received numerous requests this year to run another L.E.A.D Program (our signature leadership program) as well as requests for a one day personal growth program (after the amazing success of ME Inc. a couple years ago). It delights me no end to let you know that I will be visiting my homeland, Australia, in May and am thrilled that I will be conducting both of these programs.  L.E.A.D in Melbourne and Why WAIT to be GREAT? in Sydney. If you are interested, just click below to learn more about these 2 incredibly transformational experiences and I will hopefully see you in May!

In the meantime have an amazing couple of weeks. In my next newsletter I am going to discuss FEAR, what it is and, how this learned behavior can become masked by our limiting dialogue.  

Have a great one and talk soon...


L.E.A.D Your Way Into A Successful Life.

MAY 14th-16th
$2200 (incl. gst)

for managers, leaders and executives who WANT to break through their glass ceiling and EXPLODE into their REAL potential. (Limit: 20 people)
L.E.A.D Special Offer
Buy 4 seats and get the 5th FREE!
($2200 Value)

Why WAIT to be GREAT?
MAY 19th
 $199 (incl. gst)

Spend a day with Terry Hawkins, the award winning author, award winning educator and Radical Woman Entrepreneur 2012! This dynamic day is loaded with transformational learnings that will spear head you to the next level.
Why WAIT to be GREAT?
Special Offer
Why WAIT to be GREAT?
Buy 10 seats and only pay for 8!
($398 Value)

I’ve been to a lot of conferences and heard a lot of speakers – Terry’s uniqueness is that she genuinely cares about each person in the room and she is relentless about making sure they leave the day with something – a strategy – a new way of looking at things – a refreshed outlook – it really is worth it to invest the time.”
Carol Pedersen
Celebrity Speakers
About Terry
As winner of the Radical Woman Entrepreneur Award 2012 (USA) and the prestigious 2010 Educator Award for Excellence NSA (Aus), Terry Hawkins (CSP) has become renowned for delivering high impact, dynamic presentations that make a powerful difference. She is hard to forget and her 100% dedication to getting results in evidenced by her continuing success both in the USA and AUSTRALIA. As a pioneering and innovative businesswoman she forges new paths for the enterprise education industry, and tirelessly works toward giving businesses and individuals the tools and courage to achieve great levels of success.

Terry is an award winning author of adults and children’s self development products and now lives in Los Angeles, California with her 2 sons.

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