Thursday, April 12, 2012

Kit Grant: Your Keeping In Touch (K.I.T.) newsletter April 3, 2012

“Men are disturbed not by things that happen but by their opinion of the things that happen.” … Epictetus.

This Greek philosopher figured it out. In so-called tough economic times, isn’t it amazing that some people do so well while others are overwhelmed. It’s most often not because the one’s who prosper are more talented, intelligent or gifted — it’s usually because they see what others see in a different way. They chose to control their environment rather than allowing their environment, others or even circumstances beyond their control determine how they will respond. The phrase “circumstances beyond my control” is a convenient cop-out for not seeing the opportunity behind every thing that happens or simply an unwillingness to do what a very few others are willing to do. Notice it is seldom an inability … rather an unwillingness.

If you believe survival is a worthy goal and you have tucked yourself into a 40 hour (or less) work week, that’s choice you made somewhere along the line. You can whine about the privileged few who always have more without admitting it’s probably because they are willing to do more. The tiny number who had wealth thrust upon them through inheritance, lottery proceeds or even just having won the lucky sperm lottery are not really the people who bother those who chose the safe pathways in life. No, it is those who have made different choices and succeeded who really annoy the many who complain about “rich” people.
Here’s a bit of good news — you can always make new choices and age is seldom a factor. As Epictetus stated … you would first have to change your opinion of both the circumstances and of yourself. Isn’t it amazing how so little has really changed since he was around in 55AD? Don’t forget you will always be your own biggest roadblock and you will usually hit what you aim at … good, bad or nothing. What’s your target look like? Make 2012 work for you.

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