Friday, July 6, 2012

Kit Grant Newsletter | K.I.T., June 29/12 — Time to Re-Focus

“Attempting everything, like attempting nothing, will suck the life out of you.” … John C. Maxwell.

Kit Grant's latest newsletter:
When I work with clients it’s always a challenge to get them to focus on accomplishing important things rather than being too scattered in their approach. If I could provide any guidance to politicians of any political stripe, I would point out that the quickest road to failure is trying to please everybody. This may get them elected but we all discover there is no way anyone can deliver on such a wide range of promises and still maintain the popularity that got them elected.

Business is not much different (although in many cases a lot more honest) in that you need to more clearly identify your target market and then deliver your message in more effective ways to just those people. If they later provide referrals or bring along friends that’s great but your sustainability and success will be determined by how well you can work on the things you do best, market those products or services to the best targets and then provide them with a memorable experience. Even in retail, this tactic would bring about significantly better results but most people take far too broad a brush to paint their marketing masterpiece of potential buyers. There are just too many options now to succeed long term as a “generalist”.

GOOD NEWS! I just got selected as one of 6 speakers for a major convention in Orlando in December to present a 45-minute keynote to close to 2000 people. While that’s fun in itself, being in Orlando in December is also good news.

HALF GONE That would describe 2012. How’s it going for you so far now that the year is already half over? Maybe it’s time to review your goals and action plans to make the remainder of this year as outstanding as you visualized it being? I’ll be spending July on some new projects and preparing a mailing to a target market that will produce results over the next 12 months. Exciting times ahead. Join me in making the next 6 months outstanding.

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