Friday, July 20, 2012

Q&A with Business Speaker, Gregg Lederman!

Quick Q&A with Business Speaker & Employee Engagement Expert & Guru,  Gregg Lederman:

What do people gain from your keynotes?
  • Clear direction on how to make culture change happen and how to design a more profitable customer experience
  • Tools and techniques for quantifying both the culture and customer experience and linking it to critical financial results.
  • They laugh. They challenge closely held assumptions. They validate existing opinions. Then they laugh some more. They leave ready to put the ideas and tools into action.
What are your top tips for organizations seeking to improve customer experiences and employee engagement?
  • Don’t just announce your culture. Get your entire workforce aligned on a set of common beliefs and behaviors that bring it to life.
  •  What gets measured gets done!
What is your favorite experience you have had as a keynote speaker?
  • Speaking to an audience of 200 banking CEO’s in February 2009 right after a nationally recognized economist concluded with this advice – “Protect your jobs”. Then I went on stage to talk about engaging their employees to outbehave the competition. I thought I was dead in the water. However, the concepts and takeaway tools were so well received they soon did what was right – forgot about protecting their jobs and went home motivated to take action on strengthening their culture to improve the customer experience.
How do your life experiences influence your keynotes?
  • Weekly I encounter at least one employee experience via one of my clients or a customer experience as a consumer that I can use as a “Dilbert style” story.
  • My three daughters and amazing wife provide plenty of fodder for examples that make people laugh
How do you manage to empower and motivate people?
  • I hire great people who are motivated to make success happen. Then I get out of their way! At my company we have 0% unwanted turnover over the past 10 + years
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