Monday, July 30, 2012

Sam Richter - Sales & Internet Guru - Hits a Homerun in the Sports Industry!

Sam Richter recently spoke to Steiner Sports and hit a home run! Here is what the CEO & their Online Properties Director had to say about Sam Richter's keynote!

"Sam Richter is the real deal, end of story. His roadmap to success, and true understanding of todays technology and how to use it is fantastic. It is a four-year degree in Google, and a Master's in life, that he delivers in one morning. His follow-up correspondence and sincerity are a breath of fresh air as well. I have read his book twice thus far and have made it required reading for my Social team. Sam get's my highest personal and professional recommendation." 
- Director, Online Properties, Web Networking & E-Commerce, Steiner Sports

"It's not often that an individual coming into our office has as big of an impact on our staff as you did. Everyone from our retail group to our finance department cold not stop talking about your presentation and how they could implement your techniques into their work. THANK YOU!!!" 
- CEO, Steiner Sports

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